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  1. We may be quiet, but we're still hard at work preparing the next full Myth Maker alpha for release. In the meantime, I thought I'd post some of the more interesting changes.
    Get the PDF here!
    As always, we look forward to hearing your comments and criticisms!

    In order to make the game design more cohesive, we've changed how attributes are assigned. Instead of choosing "balanced" arrays, players are free to assign an appropriate value to each attribute. Attributes now only range from 7-9, and guidance is given to make the attribute assignment process easy and intuitive.

    With the previous skill training system, it wasn't always clear to a player which skill rank a character should have. We've come up with a new system that associates each "rank" of the skill with a different kind of character development. We feel this design simplifies the process of determining a character's skill.

    The combat system has seen the most extensive changes with this update. We've removed damage rolls completely. The damage an attack deals is based entirely on the situation, which means both the attacker and defender can know how dangerous an attack will be before the dice are even rolled. Characters protect themselves from attacks a little differently too.
    We've restructured how weapons and armor work. Weapons play with damage types, depending on how they are used. Armors are simpler than before, and are mostly valuable for protecting a character from weapons.
    Going forward, there probably won't be a discrete list of combat maneuvers in Myth Maker. We feel the core mechanic is designed to facilitate player creativity, and maneuvers are easy to improvise.

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  2. Cool! I'll see about testing the combat system sometime soon. I suspect that those who've played their fair bit of Pathfinder before will be suspicious of the lack of damage roll and customizability of armour.

    My first thought is to run a one-shot in a dojo. The players will be kids starting out training when they are young, scenes will be important lessons and tournament rounds. In the end they will have to fight each other for real. And only then, after or during the final duel, will they become aware of the expansive world outside the dojo. From there they can be called out on adventure by misfortune or by their ideals conflicting with the world around them.
    And for this the combat needs to be non-lethal. I'm thinking about making it so that critical hits won't cause body damage when you aim to not hurt. Instead, depending on the rules of the match, they may get points for a perfect technique.

    To make the combat a little more involved I'm thinking about more granular skills. Why not allow one to specialize in some specific style or even specific throws and punches? Defending against a kick and a throw are completely different, but they'd both fall under martial arts. Maybe have a fractal pattern of skills? It'd be much easier to raise and play around with the outermosts skills while keeping an overall balance. This way any type of adventure could be more or less detailed. Is this something you have already considered? Does getting involved in minutae make for a less mythical tale?
  3. For playtesting purposes, using the rules-as-written will best aid our development. Here's how that applies in regard to your ideas:
    • The combat rules are for lethal combat. Sport combat is very different, and is only safe because it is so heavily refereed. Contestants aren't allowed to perform truly dangerous maneuvers, they wield practice weapons that deal less damage (though are still very capable of killing), they wear padding (effective armor vs practice weapons and unarmed attacks), and fights are halted the second someone might be in real danger (i.e. nearly out of resources...). Contestants do get hurt by well-executed attacks (crits), so recovery time is important between matches.
    • The skill system is intended to model how people master things in real life. Individual skills can be as coarse out fine as you like - that's up to group/player preference.
    Here are my suggestions:
    Use the combat rules as written, with practice weapons that only do bashing damage and heavy armor padding for all. Referees end fights when someone is below 10 stamina+ability, or if a critical hit occurs.

    It's totally fine if you want lots of combat skills, each for a specific kind of maneuver. However, use the three-bubble proficiency system for each skill.

    Further thoughts...
    With all that out of the way... There's a ton of debate about the "right" way to play a tabletop rpg. I think most of it misses the mark wildly, simply by suggesting there *is* one correct way. That said, I also think many games advertise themselves as or are perceived as games that do one kind of thing, while the rules actually reinforce another. We don't want that. We're trying to write game rules that quietly guide players into a particular kind of fun and engaging experience. Our experience is that "highly granular" designs guide players to focus on the numbers. We want players to focus on *who* characters are, and on their situation within the fiction. (I even said something similar at the start of the combat section ;-)
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  4. Thanks for the response!

    Playing RAW is of course most helpful. I'll stick to what's best for testing. ^^" Lots of padding will be the rule of the game, and aborting combats when someone gets exhausted of course. I didn't write that, but my plan was to have a tap-out when the resources are low.

    And I'll refrain from granular skills to see how well the roleplay can carry even a combat focused game.
  5. That's not necessary. The skill system is intentionally flexible, so players who want can do this very thing with it. Give it a try if you want, and let us know how it turns out!
  6. Will do both quick and easy fights with focus on the social and gimey and detailed ones with focus on action ^^"

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