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  1. WHAT!?
    I realize we've been a bit quiet since the Ogre Battle release, but there's a good reason for that. We've actually been very hard at work, and what we're doing is throwing a bit of a wrench in our previous release schedule. Very soon we'll be releasing the core game rules, two mini-settings, and the full character sheet design, all in one small package we're calling "Myth Maker Basic". It will be publicly available to everyone, no registration required!

    So What is it Exactly?
    Myth Maker Basic is a full game system. With a little effort, you can run a complete campaign spanning months or even years of play. Some players may prefer to stick with just the Basic rules, even after we release the optional subsystems.
    Myth Maker Basic contains...
    • Rules for creating characters, resolving actions, and a few other miscellaneous things.
    • Detailed instructions on how to create your own talents.
    • The essential storytelling rules. You don't need a "GM" to play, though one player can certainly take up that role.
    • Two single-page original settings - one fantasy, one science-fiction.
    • The full Myth Maker Character Sheet.
    • Some examples of play.
    It doesn't contain...
    • Detailed rules for resolving things like combats or social interactions - those are subsystems. We're going to get them to you as soon as possible.
    • Talents. All of the "official" talents will part of the subsystems they interact with, so you'll have to make your own for now.
    • Extensive content-creation and story-generating tools. Those will be part of the official Myth Maker setting guides, and will be specifically tuned for each individual setting.
    How We Got Here
    After releasing Ogre Battle, we got busy incorporating parts of the social system into the Fighting Spirit playtest, and we had a realization: the game had become modular again! When we first started this project, we wanted a modular design. We eventually gave up on that dream after numerous failed attempts. But it's back! The subsystems, as they're currently designed, aren't actually necessary components of the game. They do codify many of the common interactions we foresee characters having, but creative players are certainly capable of improvising. In fact, we're already encouraging such improvisation in the existing rules.

    What About Creative Commons?
    For those of you concerned about CC licensing - Myth Maker Basic is only a small part of the eventual Myth Maker CC release. The subsystems will also be part of that release. However, none of this content will be available under a CC license until it is finalized - after alpha and beta stages are complete.
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