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  1. The first alpha playtest is here!

    What is Battle Royale?
    Battle Royale is a a test of Myth Maker's basic combat system, without talents. In it, player characters fight each other in a gladiatorial-style arena. Character Creation is simple, as there are only two choices to be made: Will your character be quicker or stronger? And which weapons do you choose? After everyone has made characters, throw them into the arena and see who emerges the victor!

    What Does It Test?
    In this playtest, our aim is to make sure our basic combat mechanics are working properly before we add additional layers like Talents or other core systems like the Social system. Characters in Battle Royale are average humans with only a basic level of training in their chosen weapons. This should provide a neutral starting point so that the combat mechanics themselves can be the focus of this test.

    Getting Started...
    Download the PDF below. It includes instructions for this playtest, a map, and mini character sheets. You'll also need pencils and 6-sided dice (preferably two or three per player). Other gaming materials such as a grid and minis are not required, but you can certainly take advantage of them.

    We hope you have a blast in the arena and thank you for participating in our first test! We'll be posting community polls here to get some basic feedback, but feel free to write your thoughts about the game in the feedback section or chat about it in the alpha playtest forums with other testers.

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