Core Rules clarification/missing information.

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  1. Hay there developer(s)! I'm a friend of Acquaintance and we are soon starting a campaign with several new players. I've played once before, and really liked the system and simplicity of it all. But some questions arose from reading the core rules which could only had been answered because Acquiantance was with me. Now that I've read through the 1.4 Alpha, I'll let you know what I feel could use some overview.



    The Recover action is mentioned in the Readiness 1 combat talent, but not anywhere else. Acquiantance explained that Recover was part of the earlier version of the Core Rules, so I guess it just got lost on its way to the 1.4 Rules.


    Immediate Actions

    Immediate Actions are mentioned thrice in the Combat Talents chapter, but there is no explanation of what limitations are placed upon an Immediate Action. I'm guessing that there is a 1/round limit, but it is not written anywhere.

    Maybe you could squeeze in an explanation for Immediate actions in the Combat Mechanics chapter? This would make it easier to understand for people without previous RPG experience.


    Other than that, I would just like to say that I'm looking forward to how this game evolves. Best of luck!
  2. I'll start with the requested patch notes/clarifications:
    A character can spend an action to regain 2 of each resource. This action does not require a check.
    Immediate Actions: Each character can perform 1 immediate action per turn (so, 2 per round if there are 2 teams).

    And i'll finish with a tease:
    The 1.4 alpha is severely outdated, and we're aware it's a difficult read. Myth Maker has evolved and improved dramatically since that release. However, we're learning from our mistakes and working hard to prepare the next release. When it's finished, it will be more attractive, easier to read, and more thoroughly checked for completeness. I can't give you a release date yet, but it's coming "soon"!

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