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  1. Preview.png View attachment 132 Lorelia is the core fantasy setting for Myth Maker. It recently rejoined the rest of the world after over 800 years of isolation caused by a powerful magical anomaly which prevented all travel in or out of the region. Lorelians are now rediscovering an unfamiliar world that their ancestors had once ruled. Will the descendants of the world spanning Arturian Empire be welcomed back into the world, or will they be seen as a threat to the new civilizations that have emerged from its ruins?

    Meet the budding empire of Lyrin as it pushes its lands into the newfound territories of Lorelia under the rule of an ancient daemon. Visit Celerra, a land that appears at first to be the legacy of the utopian Arturian Empire, but hides a dark secret of genocide and mysterious curses. Navigate the island riddled waters of Thalassia and the insular human-like people who call it home. Face the proud people of Kurin, an ancient empire who remained independent from the Arturian Empire at its height, and whose way of life finds itself at odds with those of Lorelia.

    A massive world awaits, and Lorelia is only the first of many settings to discover in Myth Maker! Stay alert for more updates in the coming months!
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