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  1. Hello readers! Welcome to Gebnar's Mechanical Madness!
    My role in Myth Maker's design has centered on the mechanical side of things - so that's what I'll be sharing with you. I'll be posting these updates about once per week to keep everyone informed about our progress. I'll also be blogging about specific mechanics from time to time.

    Thanks to All Our Contributors!
    I want to thank everyone who has contributed feedback, criticism, and play time to Myth Maker. We're taking these criticisms to heart and using everything we learn to improve the game.

    Sorry About the Seven Samurai Release...
    We released Seven Samurai on time, and hosted our first public alpha playtest at a local game store. Unfortunately, I failed to include the equipment properties in the playtest PDF. We sincerely apologize to anyone who downloaded an incomplete version of the rules. I have updated the Seven Samurai playtest to include all the missing pieces.

    Core System Changes
    These changes should reduce complexity and speed up gameplay:
    • Training grants a bonus on a particular kind of task, and a smaller bonus on similar tasks. Training is now the only kind of numeric bonus present in the game, and it never stacks.
    • Challenges have been removed. All interactions in which one character is opposing another have been unified to use a mechanic resembling the "Parry" reaction from the playtests.
    Defining Social Actions
    This week we finalized the actions presented in the Social system. As with combat, these actions aren't 100% comprehensive. But they should cover most things characters might try during social interactions. I'll leave you with the list of social actions, but you'll have to wait for the Social system playtests to see what they do: Inspire, Confuse, Motivate, Mock, Mollify, Provoke, Coerce, Charm, Seduce, Ethical Appeal, Logical Appeal, and Emotional Appeal.

    Rewriting the Core
    I believe Myth Maker's core mechanics are solid. However, I know there's significant room for improvement in their presentation. This week I rewrote the Core mechanics and part of the Combat system. I'll be continuing this rewrite over the next couple of weeks. By the time we release Ogre Battle, everything should be easier to understand and use than it is now. I'll also be updating the playtests to use the new presentation.
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