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  1. Core System Changes
    • Boosts were added as a new core system mechanic. Characters gain the ability to boost certain actions through talents, (similarly to Training). Boosting an action costs resources. If a boosted action succeeds and is unopposed, it is automatically mastered. This addition allows us to apply a single universal mechanic in many places where talents did similar things.

    Combat System Changes
    This week's combat changes are mostly centered around movement.
    • We've decided that the combat subsystem will be designed for use with grid. Our original intent was for the entire game to be playable without a grid, and everything but the combat subsystem still works this way. However, the tactical nature of the combat subsystem means keeping track of movement and positioning without a grid is extremely difficult. We're also working on adding an alternative that can be used for quick, non-tactical combat resolution.
    • Moving at full speed over difficult terrain has been changed from Mind check to a Body check.
    • Reducing the damage taken from falling no longer requires a Dodge action, and is a Body check. If the character fell intentionally (i.e. by jumping down a ledge) a successful check reduces the fall damage even more.
    • Without talents, dodge can be used to oppose any offensive action, but doesn't grant any movement.
    Talent System Changes
    The talent system underwent some major and sudden changes this week.
    • ALL talents are now organized into proficiencies. Characters are still limited to 10 proficiencies.
    • Proficiencies are no longer limited to having exactly 3 talents - they can have as many or as few talents as makes sense.
    • The talents within each proficiency don't have to be learned in order any more. With a few rare exceptions, any talent from a proficiency can be learned without requiring any of the other talents within that proficiency.
    • The existing talents underwent extensive changes to reflect all the above system changes.
    Social System Changes
    • We've added mechanics for the first 6 social actions: Inspire, Confuse, Motivate, Mock, Mollify, and Provoke.
    • We've added proficiencies for each of the new social actions.
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  2. Does dodge provide any benefit at all if used against a melee action untrained? (If it's now impossible to move out of reach of an attack)
  3. Yeah, you don't need training to oppose melee attacks anymore.
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