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  1. Core Mechanic Changes
    • Check Modifiers have been reduced down to three types: Training (non-stacking), Penalties (stacking), and Difficulty Adjustments (stacking - but not mathy).
    Combat System Changes
    • Sundering has been removed from the game. There were two problems with sundering:
      • It's a poor tactical choice in combat, and as a result its talents are also wasteful. We don't want Myth Maker to have "trap" options.
      • It doesn't model reality well at all. in real-world combat, intentionally damaging a wielded weapon is surprisingly difficult. Intentionally damaging armor without harming the wearer is ridiculous. Of course, equipment gets damaged all the time in real-world combat, but not usually through intentional actions. We're working on some alternatives, but they probably won't be relevant until we move into longer, multi-scene adventures.
    • Rush, Knockdown, and Throw now have explicit rules for knocking one creature into another.
    • Dodging in difficult terrain causes a character to fall if failed.
    • Size Differences have been implemented. The upcoming Ogre Battle release will be showcasing how Myth Maker handles interactions between creatures of significantly different sizes. Big creatures should be scary.
    • Martial Maneuvers are being removed as a category, and the maneuvers are being presented as distinct actions instead.
    • Immediate Actions have been limited to once-per-turn in an effort to speed up gameplay and prevent action-economy abuse.
    Talent System Changes
    • Assault now only applies to melee attacks.
    • (NEW) Marksmanship lets characters be exceptional at ranged attacks.
    • Dodging, Parrying, and Blocking don't play with counterattacks any more. Successful defensive actions now allow a character to regain some stamina.
    • (NEW) Counterattacking gives characters more chances to make stronger counterattacks.
    • (NEW) Body Skill Proficiencies are being added. We've decided we need some of the skill talents earlier than planned. Ogre Battle will include three new proficiencies related to overcoming physical challenges.
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