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  1. Myth Maker Basic
    It's very close! Expect to see a release thread within the next few days. It's going to include just about everything we've made that we consider release-worthy at this time. It might also get a different name.
    • Core: The character creation and core mechanics haven't changed much in a while. I crafted an all-new character sheet though.
    • Story: Because the Story module was so far down the development timeline, it hadn't seen much love before we started in on Basic. We've made some significant improvements, and we think it's at a good enough state to call an early alpha. We're going to release it as is, but you can expect major changes in the future. Player input will be of great importance as we work to clarify and enhance the story rules.
    • Combat: As those of you who have playtested with us for a while know: the Combat module is basically done. We're going to include the official Combat module in the upcoming release.
    • Social: Incidentally, the Social module is also near-final. We're going to include it in the release as well.
    • Arad: The fantasy mini-setting included in the release is Arad - adventures on high seas! Er wait... I guess it's just a big desert. You'll see...
    • Shamayim: The sci-fi mini-setting included in the release is Shamayim - an orbital terraforming station above Venus.

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