NEWS Myth Maker Complete Core Rules - Alpha 2 Release!

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  1. It's finally ready!
    Download the latest version here!

    Edit 2.1: New version fixes a few typos and adds the logo!
    Edit 2.2: Moved and resized the logo. It looks better now!
    Edit 2.3: Added the third set of dots to skills.
    Edit 2.4: Major Update! Completely revised graphic design for better printing. Edited for clarity. Fixed typos. Redesigned character sheet.
    Edit 2.5: A few minor fixes and edits.

    Within this PDF you'll find the complete set of rules needed to play a game of Myth Maker. This release has taken us much longer than anticipated, but we believe the results are worth the delay!

    This is a BYOS release. (Bring Your Own Setting) We've been cranking on these rules for a while now, and our settings need a bit of love before we'll be ready to tease you with them.

    Give the game a try, and let us know what you think. And most importantly: have fun!

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