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  1. Myth Maker Core Rules
    Current Version: Alpha 1.4 - Get It Here!
    Play for fun! If you have questions, comments, criticisms, or compliments, post on our forums!

    • Character Creation (individuals and organizations)
    • Core Mechanics
    • Story Module
    • Combat Module
    • Social Module
    • Shamayim (mini-setting)
    • Ahrad (mini-setting)
    • Character Sheets
    Coming Soon:
    • Rules for size differences (in the Combat Module)
    • Rules for recovering from attribute damage (in the Core Mechanics)
    • An analysis of the variable "Scope" of checks (in the Core Mechanics)
    • Numerous edits and clarifications
    Farther Down the Pipeline:
    • Energy Modules (Magic, Vitality, Cybernetics, and Nanotech)
    • Warfare Module (rules for mass combat)
    • Vehicle Module (rules for creating and using tanks, boats, etc.)
    • And much more...

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  2. Great fun!

    And what is great fun without nitpicking?
    A list of stuff we noted:
    • The first paragraph feels like it ought to end with "overcome them" instead of just overcome. (Bobby is going to be a teacher and feels she needs to practice her pedantry)
    • "Kind" seems strange. Why not Type?
    • It's a bit unclear when you describe how to make a morale/stress check. Maybe "a value of 7 instead of an attribute score" or something like that would make it clearer.
    • It's unclear what happens if you need to make a stress check while still stressed. Do you loose your chance to recover? Can you become extra stressed?
    • Same with fatigue.
    • Aid is somewhat confusing on it's own. It would help to point out that it is the more general mechanic if not using the social module.
    • Why would a supposedly spacefaring civilization use the imperial system.
    • When describing the people of Ahrad, how come you use the term "you" when referring to the unbelievers? Is it to imply that most players would choose to play as them? Why not "they" instead?
    • Do you have any suggestions for how to use all the spaces on p.2 of the character sheet? So far we've decided to write down backstory and draw the character portraits there.

    Of course we're not a couple of grinches here to steal the fun away. We've made characters ready to venture out into the Glass Sea! I'd post the character sheets if I figured out how to upload images to my posts from this iPad. =/
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  3. Thanks for all the suggestions. They'll help immensely as we continue to revise and update the core rules. Another thing I plan on adding in the next update is a Table of Contents.
    We struggled over this one quite a bit. To me, "Kind" feels a bit better when differentiating between different races of "people". Type is also a good word though, so we'll keep this one open for internal discussion.
    Shamayim is just one small piece of a greater Sci-Fi setting, which is a fictional future of present-day earth. They use Imperial because Avalon Corp. effectively "evolved" from mega-corporations based in America. Though I didn't state it, everyone on Shamayim also speaks a single standardized language that probably vaguely resembles American English. Cultural groups in other parts of the setting may have their own languages, but if they don't also speak the standard "English" they're almost certainly disenfranchised into poverty.
    Those spaces are unlabeled specifically so you can use them for whatever suits your fancy. Some players may want dozens of inventory items. Other players may want lots of talents. There's space for a small portrait, but one of the large boxes is empty, in case someone would rather draw a really big portrait. Really, the Myth Maker Character Sheet is compact enough to fit on only one side of a page. So I made a flexible back-sheet because I always wish I had more room for my own stuff when playing other games.
    The fantasy setting is primarily Meta's vision, so I'll let him answer this one for you.
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  4. Core Rules updated to version: Alpha 1.1


    • Added a Table of Contents
    • New wealth category descriptions
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  5. Core Rules updated to version: Alpha 1.2


    • Updated Margins: Now you can make staple it into a book, or 3-ring bind it!
    • Minor Revisions...
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  6. Core Rules updated to version: Alpha 1.3


    • Added descriptions of Training and Boosting to the "Checks" section. We are sincerely sorry that this information was missing from earlier releases.
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  7. Core Rules updated to version: Alpha 1.4


    • Changed the Friendly<->Hostile dispositions to Attracted<->Disgusted. We feel this wording more closely resembles the actual behaviors this disposition scale is trying to model.
    • Changed the measurement system used in the Shamayim mini-setting to metric. After fan suggestions (Thanks!) and internal discussion, we've decided metric is a more suitable measurement system for the sci-fi setting. Also, for what it's worth, people in the setting probably speak a new language that might vaguely resemble Mandarin.
    • EDIT: Changed the way the Trusting<->Distrusting dispositions affect social interaction checks.
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