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  1. My husband and I tested the Battle Royale last week. We have not played role-playing games like this before so it was definitely "engaging and challenging"! As we worked through it, it all started to make more sense and we could get into the battle aspect. I really enjoyed the "reaction" aspect--it adds a lot more unpredictability. In a way it reminded me of a super-complex game of chess, with much more varied and interesting characters. I can see that it would be very engaging and challenging in a multi-player/character context. I think you have a lot of wonderful ideas in this game!
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  2. It sounds crazy but I think the reaction system actually makes you more involved in the game when it's not your turn, as opposed to being tempted to pull out your phone.
  3. I agree! It's definitely to your advantage to be paying attention!
  4. I noticed this as well! I had friends who would pull out their phone on their own turn, but put it away when it was time to react.
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  5. This cracks me up...
  6. I know there are more people than me who've found their way to this game. Is there anyone out there who've checked out the new rules?

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