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  1. Ogre Battle is here!
    New update (v1.2) available!

    (Update notes are in the second post.)
    As Myth Maker's third early access alpha, Ogre Battle reveals the talent system to players for the first time. Players can try out different combinations of talents and proficiencies, to see what works against the ogre, and what doesn't.

    While this alpha is still showcasing Myth Maker's combat subsystem, a few skill proficiencies have also been included.

    Get it here, and let us know what you think!

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  2. Ogre Battle v1.1 Changes
    • Brutal and Penetrating weapon properties were removed.
    • Bashing, Chopping, Piercing, and Slashing weapon properties were added.
    • Weapons have been updated to use the new properties.
    Ogre Battle v1.2 Changes
    • Ogre Spear penetrating removed, piercing added.
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  3. I haven't had the chance to test it yet but the scenario looks promising. The Ogre apperas to be a real difficult nut to crack but I'm thinking that maybe it'll be possible to out-grapple. Will have to try that tactic.
  4. Question: Does blocking with a shield benefit from weapon training with another weapon, or would I need to be trained in the use of shields as well?

    (And is the ogre spear supposed to still be penetrating?)
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  5. Shields are no different from any other weapon - you need to train with a shield or something similar to benefit from its special bonuses.

    The ogre spear should have the same properties as a regular spear, except for its longer reach. I'll post an update later this morning when I'm at my pc.
    Edit: I'm not sure if it's anywhere in ogre battle right now, but the ogre spear is also defensive against human-sized opponents, just due to its size.
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