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  1. The Seven Samurai playtest is here!

    What is Seven Samurai?
    In this playtest, players use a group of samurai to defend a humble villiage from endless waves of attacking ninja. All of the characters are premade, and use mechanics from the upcoming combat talents. The ninja are sneaky and use underhanded tactics, while the samurai fight with honor and skill.

    What Does It Test?
    Firstly, this playtest introduces a two important new elements: The talent system adds resource management to the game and enables highly-trained characters to manipulate the action economy in their favor.
    Secondly, this playtest expands upon awareness and stealth, and shows how sneaky characters can be effective in combat situations.
    Finally, though all the characters are premade, this playtest is an attempt to show how Myth Maker advancement system allows characters to grow in power and effectiveness without ever altering their core attributes or resources.

    Getting Started...
    Download the PDF below. It includes instructions for the playtest, premade characters, a map, and character sheets. You'll also need pencils and 6-sided dice (preferably two or three per player). Other gaming materials such as a grid and minis are not required, but you can certainly take advantage of them.

    If you have any questions to ask or stories to tell, check out the alpha playtest forums. We look forward to hearing from you!

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  2. My apologies to anyone who downloaded this playtest on the 22nd, but we forgot to include equipment descriptions in the initial release of Seven Samurai. I have uploaded an updated PDF, so if you have the old version (v1.0) you can grab the new one (v1.1) in the OP.

    Edit: I've uploaded another minor update that includes the rules for the Kusarigama, Shuriken, and Makibishi.
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