NEWS Skills, Change, and a new Character Sheet!

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  1. Skills
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    The new skill system is finally ready for play! Skills completely replace training talents with a more granular and better-defined system. The rules aren't long or complicated, and they cover anything you could ever want a character to be good at.

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    People change all the time, especially when dealing with crazy adventures, impossible obstacles, and overwhelming odds. These are some guidelines for how to implement changes to your character.

    Updated Character Sheet
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    With the release of the Skills system, the game has progressed enough to deserve an updated character sheet design with...
    • A new Skills block. So you can use the new skill system...
    • Fewer Talent blocks. Because the role that Talents play is changing. In the future, we'll release an updated talent system. For now, just use Talents to represent character abilities that would be impossible otherwise (i.e. magic, superhuman powers, technological enhancements, etc.).
    • A prettier triangle. Because more lines! Use the small sections to record each stat's base value, and the large sections to record current values, temporary modifiers, damage, expenditures, etc..

    We hope you enjoy this release, and we look forward to your feedback!

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