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  1. Last week we opened up the website for the first few visitors. In the coming weeks we'll be pulling in more people. First, though, we have two more playtests on the way. A more detailed overview of our release schedule can be found here. The next playtest is the Seven Samurai playtest, which should become available in roughly two weeks. Below are a list of changes that are being made between the first and second playtest.

    Combat System changes
    • Damaged weapons and armor have been made a bit worse.
    • Weapon Training now gives a bonus against being disarmed.
    • The combat talents have been completely redesigned due to changes in the core combat system during the creation of Battle Royale.
      • Talents are now designed to enhance specific actions. This makes them far more intuitive when building a character and when using them. As a result, the number of combat proficiencies has increased, but the complexity of playing a combat-focused character has been reduced.
      • Previously, techniques were designed to regain some resources when performed well. The purpose of this was to provide a pacing mechanism for batttles. Battle Royale revealed that this wasn't needed, so it has been removed to simplify combat a bit.
      • Techniques that play with the action economy now always require a resource expenditure. This further improves pacing, while preventing over-use of techniques that might slow down gameplay in combat.
    • New equipment is being added for the upcoming Seven Samurai playtest, many of which are functionally identical to their Western counterparts: Naginata (glaive), Katana (sword), Nodachi (longsword), Wakizashi (shortsword), Tanto (dagger), Tetsubo (mace), Tekko (knuckles), Bo (quarterstaff), Kama (sickle), Yari (spear), Fukiya (blowdart), Yumi (longbow), Makibishi (caltrop), Otsuchi (warhammer), Nunchaku, Sai, Kusarigama, Shuriken
    Other changes
    • Not much to report here, we focused pretty heavily on the combat system this week.
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